Collect and curate products, links, photos, videos and files with friends

Collect links, photos, videos and files
with friends or colleagues
from apps, internet or your phone
for projects, events or group shopping.

Collaborative bookmarking at its best!

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Discover Anywhere,
Collect in Findz!


Collect links, products, photos, videos and files from everywhere you shop: stores, apps, or the internet.  If you have a picture or a link, you can collect it in Findz!

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Remember Details

Record price, vendor, brand, and notes with your finds.  Findz will automatically remember when and where you found it so that you can easily recollect it later.

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Search your finds using multiple attributes, online or offline!

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Collaborate in real-time with your friends, team members, clients or vendors.  Vote on finds with emojis and exchange messages about finds.

Organize your finds into multiple collections and sub-collections.  Carefully curate your favorite finds for any event, project, or for yourself.

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Organize & Curate

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No network? No issues!  Findz works completely offline.  You can create, edit, search or delete your finds while offline, and it will sync everything up with your team and other devices when you get back online.

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