We are a team of highly experienced business and technology professionals, who are on a mission to help small retailers cope with the numerous, ever evolving challenges of operating their business.  Small businesses are the backbone of our economy and culture, and we are here to help them thrive!

Anuj Shah, Ph.D. – CEO, Founder

GSynergy, the company behind Findz, was conceived when Anuj, a big-retail technology expert, observed his wife, a passionate fashion designer and small brand owner, toil through hours of uninteresting work just to keep her business running.  There was so much to do, and so many new challenges, but she heroically kept going without compromising her love and attention for her family.  Through interaction with several other business owners, Anuj learned that these challenges were very common.

Anuj knew how those challenges are solved in big-retail with the use of technology, but those solutions and tools don’t fit the small business world.  He founded GSynergy to build technology specifically for the small business, that suits the processes and lifestyle of its team members and consumers, so that their lives can be easier and happier.

Anuj has a Ph.D. in industrial engineering from Georgia Tech, and he has a masters and a bachelors in manufacturing automation.  Since 2006, he has been deeply involved with retail technology, where he started as a R&D engineer, but by 2008 he grew to manage Oracle’s entire retail planning and forecasting platform.  Over the past decade, he has led several multi-million dollar retail strategy, planning and BI projects with several multi-billion dollar brands and retailers that include department stores, apparel and sports brands, DIY retailers and even wine retailers.  His past clientele includes, to name a few, Under Armour, J. Crew, Orvis, Carhartt, Direct Wines and The Home Depot.  When it comes to the world of small business, Anuj has worked alongside his wife to help build and merchandise tradeshow booths, assist with photo shoots, create marketing campaigns, sell to and write show orders with boutique owners, pack and ship orders, process and follow up on payments, setup warehouses, book keeping, drafting contracts, and several other such tasks.

Prachi Gupta – Consumer Advocate

Prachi helps review GSynergy’s solutions from consumer’s perspective and provides valuable insights that are instrumental to shaping the user experience.

A brand owner and fashion designer, Prachi has been through it all.  She created a women accessories brand from scratch that sold in over 600 boutiques across the US, while serving as the product design and sourcing head for rug manufacturers where her designs won six America’s Magnificent Rug awards.  Having worked closely with buyers, retailers and designers of all sizes including Target, A&F, Home Depot, Container Store, Wayfair, Zulily and 100s of small retailers across the country, and having managed a sales team of over 50 reps, she understands the perspectives and challenges of every party involved in this trade.

Working at GSynergy

  • We love to build useful and beautiful apps that work impeccably.

  • We are a mission-driven, closely knit team, working in a fast-paced, highly interactive environment with high autonomy and ownership.

  • We empower our team members to work at the intersection of their interests and the needs of the business.

  • We are humble and hungry to learn.  We appreciate that there is a lot that we do not know, and that we will make mistakes as we seek high impact solutions.

  • We are about getting things done.  We take pride in our productivity.  We have flexible hours that allow our global team to maintain high level of interactivity.

  • We like to be with happy people, and so we care intensely about the emotional and physical wellbeing of the people we work with.  We promote a healthy and productive work-life balance.

If our mission and our culture appeals to you, and if you pride yourself in your ability to solve challenging problems in the space of mobile and web applications, please do reach out to us at